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 AP Require Labs:
 Lab: Enzyme Catalysis
Pre-Lab: Enzymes
Lab Handout: Enzymes                                                               -  Lab Outline: Enzymes

Lab: Diffusion and Osmosis

Pre-Lab: Diffusion and Osmosis                                              -  Lab Handout: Diffusion and Osmosis                                    -  Lab Outline: Diffusion and Osmosis

Lab: Mitosis

Pre-Lab: The Cell Cycle                                                                 Lab Handout: The Cell Cycle - Parts A+B                              -  Lab Handout: The Cell Cycle - Part C                                    -  Lab Outline: Mitosis

Lab: Meiosi

Pre-Lab: Meiosis
Lab Handout: Meiosis

Lab Outline: Meiosis

Lab: Pigments + Photosynthesis

- Pre-Lab: Photosynthesis                                                               Lab Handout: Photosynthesis                                                    - PPT Outline: Photosynthesis Lab 

Lab: Cellular Respiration                                                 

Pre-Lab: Cellular Respiration                                                    - Lab Handout: Cellular Respiration                                         - Lab Outline: Cellular Respiration 

Lab: Molecular Biology


Lab: Genetics of Organisms
- Pre-Lab: Heredity
- Lab Handout: Heredity
- Lab Outline: Heredity

Lab: Population Genetics and Evo.

Lab: Transpiration

Lab: The Circulatory System

Lab: Animal Behavior

Lab: Dissolved O2 and Aquatic PP